Ex-theists vs. all-time atheists

I felt the same way after I rejected the religion I was brainwashed to believe in. What a waste of time! How dare they indoctrinate me? After a while, though, I found a benefit: the ability to doubt myself and be critical. An atheist who grew up being an atheist never had the ultimate experience in self-doubt, which is going against God himself! This is how it felt, didn’t it? When you first began the process of enlightenment, it felt like you were challenging God, the ultimate sin. That took immense courage, intellectual honesty and humility to question cherished beliefs. You built character. You have mental scars. In my experience, there’s a great number of all-time atheists who lack that. They have limited critical ability and it just happened that they were atheists, otherwise they could’ve been followers of any cult, political ideology or herd. I’m an atheist, but so what? I don’t deserve a medal nor am I lucky just because of that. There’s plenty of atheists who stubbornly believe in illogical notions other than mainstream religion with the same, if not stronger, fanaticism and zeal one would expect from extremist theists. Being an atheist from birth proves nothing. Being an ex-theist, does. I’d trust you more.


Are you an old school DJ?

Old school DJs take pride in their ability to use turntables and master the art of vinyl manipulation, tempo matching, beat matching, and mixing a set without using CDs or computer software which help a lot.

Yes, it’s a skill which needs a lot of practice to acquire.

However, there’s so much aggressiveness out there from old DJs who feel antagonized by younger generation DJs with their computer software. Old DJs will assert that any DJ who uses a computer is no real DJ.

And my answer to this is: do you use a lighter to light your cigarette or do you rub wood together?

Yes, it’s a skill to use turntables (not rocket science, though), but it’s totally useless these days, unless a music venue wants to have that as part of a show. But if effectively and creatively mixing a set, following the audience’s moods and being versatile with the amount of music you’ve got is what a DJ does, then not only classic DJ-ing is useless, it will never be as good as new style DJ-ing, when computers allow for easier mixing, less probability of mistakes, much more creativity, much more music carried around, etc. The audience cares about results, and not what needlessly difficult archaic method was used. Efficiency and effectiveness are key.

So again, are people who use lighters, and don’t rub wood together, not real smokers? Are people who use ultrasounds, and not a stethoscope, not real doctors? Are people who use autopilot, and not fly stick all the time, not real pilots? Are people who use calculators, and not pen and paper, not real mathematicians? Are people who use pen and paper, and not calculate in their minds, not real mathematicians?

So before badmouthing competition, make sure you get over yourself first.

The controversial truth about pets

Does it mean that I’ve got a super kind heart when I adopt a pet that truly loves me?

Or do I buy apparent affection from an easily bribed animal which has no options in life to choose whom to show affection to? And what worth is the passive “love” of an animal compared to a love of an intelligent human who chooses to love you, rather than mindlessly treating you like a god? And isn’t it selfish weakness to want to take care of a helpless creatures just because it’s the next best thing to humans that I can’t get approval from, enslaving the animal, limiting my timetable and lifestyle around the animal’s needs, and bothering neighbors too with smell or noise or dangers?

Food for thought.

How education should be

Insecurity is the greatest of man’s woes.

Frustration from social friction due to lack of confidence and constant antagonism is what causes people to mindlessly join a group-think herd mentality and be swayed for all kinds of horrors, such as wars, organized racial hate (as is the case of #BlackLivesMatter and #KKK),  religious violence, gang affiliated violence, even hooliganism.

Indeed, schools should teach us arts and science, but most importantly, they should teach us to have intrinsic confidence, one that doesn’t rely on extrinsic stimuli. We should be taught to accept others no matter how better than us they seem to be. We should be taught to understand that all are insecure, especially the extroverted ones, who constantly crave for social attention, and they constantly feel the need to antagonize everyone, directly or indirectly with subtle insults.

Only then will we be able to be more healthy emotionally, and put those arts and sciences to much better use.

Everything that’s so wrong with the embarrassing religion of islam

Some say that islam is just another religion no worse than any other. When islam is criticized, some self-applauding do-gooder will inevitably (and predictably) jump in to rescue to poor defenseless faith of islam by always comparing it with the atrocities done in the name of Christianity.

The difference is that in today’s information age, you don’t see any follower of any faith resorting to violence, either directed by a ruling class or acting as a lone wolf, to score points for a brothel of an afterlife. You couldn’t find anything in the bible instructing it’s mindless puppets to conquer Constantinople and Rome, and the whole world, and submit it to the ruling class of the faith (something which is indeed clearly commanded in islam).

Any violence in history that was done in the name of other religions cannot be clearly traced back to their holy texts (except maybe for the Jews killing Philistines or the Christians to kill witches, but there aren’t many Philistines or witches around these days, are there?). Yet, there will always be infidels of islam, there will always be victimhood claimed for muslims is any form, they will always be offended by infidels who don’t have to follow the commands of islam (Danish cartoons) and so on. Islam is perpetually offended by the existence of infidels, but at the same time needs their existence to demonize them and use them as slaves for the divinely commanded ‘jizya’ tax.

Christianity instructs its puppets to spread the word with missionaries. Islam instructs NOT the spread of the faith, but the submission of unbelievers so that they are reduced to mere slaves to muslim masters. That’s why muslim empires of the past didn’t force or allow conversion to islam; they needed someone to work and produce.Plus, islam allows muslims to pick sex-slaves from the submitted non-muslims. So, islam is a political supremacist ideology, more than a religion.

It’s no excuse that ‘islam is a relatively young religion and hasn’t matured yet’. This is an intellectually dishonest argument. What IS the exact number of centuries that allows the followers of a religion to grow out of its violent elements? In today’s age of information, is this really a valid excuse?

In islam, acts of violence in the name of it CAN BE TRACED DIRECTLY to its holy texts.

There is a fundamental difference in islam. It is not a religion. It is a divinely sanctioned political supremacy which aims at subduing all non-muslims, NOT TO CONVERT THEM, BUT TO ENSLAVE THEM, so that they operate as infidels under the ruling class of muslims, paying the ‘jizya’ tax to Allah’s chosen muslims.

No wonder muslims are so fanatical when it comes to their embarrassing faith. It promises orgies in the afterlife and a ruling class status in this life.

There are no excuses for islam. Anyone identifying themselves with this ideology is no better than a supremacist, and actually by far worse than Nazis, who at least weren’t driven by the promise of a pornographic afterlife. Yes, there are ‘moderate’ muslims, but there are ‘moderate’ Nazis too. The moderates silently/passively observe and sympathize with the ‘extremists’ (who aren’t extremist at all, since they simply follow the clear instructions of islam).

Moderate muslims will make excuses about sharia law (the supremacist state regime under which the world must be submitted), by saying that it’s so fabulous that you can make loans interest free! They fail to mention that homosexuals are killed, theft is punishable by amputation, non-muslims are forced to pay taxes to the muslim ruling class, and so on.

Islam is barbaric. What is more barbaric is seeking identification with it in today’s information age. What is even more barbaric is supposedly ‘civilized’ politically correct social justice warriors making excuses for ‘tolerating’ islam, when in fact they’re advocating tolerating intolerance and supremacy and violence and hate which can be traced directly to the “holy” texts of islam.

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