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The victimhood competition

A symptom of socialist societies is the rush to obtain a victim status, which automatically translates to special state benefits/treatment.

This is why some try so hard and without logic to ensure a perceived victim status for their supposed race, gender, bodytype, religion, etc.

There are other untapped categories of people which still haven’t demanded victim status: bald men, short people, people with glasses, physically ugly people, hairy people, left handed people.

Left handed people were historically oppressed, considered to be the devil’s children, are oppressed today because most computer mice and other gadgets are made for right handed people, and they are also discriminated against by health insurance because of a little thing called statistics.

Kids with glasses are more likely to be bullied than a kid with a different skin color than most of the other kids. And guess what! People are mean to each other for any reason possible. To demand a specialvictim  status for your supposed “race” just because someone made fun of your skin color is hypocritical, pathetic and undignified. At least most would like your skin color, yet no one would like glasses.

No one likes beggars. And professional victims are just that.


Why feminism is hypocritical 

  1. Feminists whine about how bad women have it from having to give birth, therefore demand the “equal” right of having special treatment in employment and social insurance legislation, yet fail to seek some sort of benefit for men who tend to live shorter lives.
  2. Feminism is based on the lie of the gender pay gap, which is the average of the earnings of a man versus the average of the earnings of a woman. Men on average tend to earn more because they tend to choose high-paying IT, oil engineering, medical professions. Women tend to earn less because they tend to choose low-paying teaching, therapy and laughable “gender studies” fields. The key word is ‘choose’. The perpetuated lie than men get paid more for the same job is an illogical lie aimed at professional victimhood. Why would any rational employer pay more for the same output? Feminists suppose they give the same output while demanding lower entry standards for the police, fire service, military, etc. 
  3. Feminism supposedly demands equal rights yet never demands equal child custody rights in case of divorce.
  4. Feminism supposedly demands equal rights yet never demands equal sentencing for the same crime, as women, by law, get lesser sentences for the same crime.
  5. Feminism supposedly demands equal rights yet never demands participation in the draft, or at least, the exclusion of all men from the draft.
  6. Feminism supposedly demands equal rights yet never demands employment quotas for men too, who seem to be the majority of the unemployed everywhere.

Therefore, a feminist is either a deluded schizophrenic with persecution complex, or an evil liar who victimizes herself for special benefits, you know, like a beggar.

Anti-Trump hypocrisy

Certain anti-Trumpers seem to validate what I’ve been saying for years: that a number of atheists aren’t necessarily so because of their ability to be objective, skeptical and reasonable, but because they just happened to adopt the atheist identity and follow it with religious fanaticism. No wonder theists accuse atheism of being a religion.

These are atheists who would do anything to oppose any anti-gay, anti-abortion, anti-whatever rhetoric which comes from Christians, but would otherwise overlook any political Islamism creeping outside their doorstep. This reminds me of the r/K selection theory by which the weak pathetic collectivists would rather side with the perceived enemy of a group, because their own identified group feels too competitive for them. Their short-sightedness doesn’t allow them to really see the future much worse submission coming their way. Yes, Islam is by far the worst religion in the world because it is political and supremacist, and while all other religions diminish, this one flourishes, even in today’s age of information. Any atheist who can’t grasp this is as thick headed as any theist.

These are people who although bombard us with news “sources” on how Obama’s “environmental” carbon tax has reduced emissions, while at the same time boast about how oil prices have dropped under Obama. The schizophrenic-level cognitive dissonance of these two conflicting beliefs doesn’t seem to register at a conscious level with these supposedly “skeptical” atheists. And let’s not forget the impact on the environment of huge production by US companies taking place in countries where there in no environmental regulation. Don’t they understand the impact on the environment this has when taxation forces these companies to go to a pollution hell like China instead of staying in the US? Is the anti-Trump cognitive dissonance this schizophrenic?

They spread fear mongering in their echo chambers about how a religious Trump administration will bring us back to the dark ages by enforcing creationism in schools, while not realizing how pathetic and unprovable such an assertion is. Why didn’t they voice such concerns with Obama, a clear Islamic apologist who cannot even define the Islamic threat to any non-islamic civilization? Why didn’t they spread fear about Obama’s Islamic-friendly approach which might have allowed numbers of political Islamists to alter the demographic character of America, thus including more radical Islamic ideology in the mix? Wait! That actually happened!


These people moan about Trump being a sexist, yet ignore the fact that Obama helps perpetuate the dishonest misandrist lie of a gender pay gap, when in fact it’s a gender earnings gap, due to difference tendencies in career choices. How many times does this seed to be debunked until professional victimhood demagogues stop convincing intellectually lazy idiots that women are “oppressed”?

Any what about racism? Is it the dishonest twisting of Trump’s words about SOME illegal Mexicans going to the USA being rapists and that Mexico isn’t sending their best, even they Trump wants their best? I challenge any anti-Trumper to watch the ACTUAL full unedited speech of Trump on Mexicans. I also challenge them to educate themselves on the difference between an immigrant and an illegal immigrant. A bonus read would also be the term ‘welfare immigration’, which is a symptom of the enabling cancer of socialism. Also on racism, how is Obama not a racist? A person who convinced the “people of color” that they are oppressed by “white” people? A person whose twisted lies have turned America’s race relations back decades?

I’m not even mentioning dishonest arguments of Trump not being gentleman enough. Who cares? Are these people voting on good policies, which Trump clearly has (see TPP), or are they voting style, like idiotic children?

In essence, being an atheist doesn’t automatically mean you’re intelligent. You just might have had a biased reason to hate religion, or were just brought up by atheists, just like theists being brought up by theists. All I know is that Trump has the balls to define the Islamic ideology as a threat, and I don’t care if he’s not an atheist like myself. A true atheist would battle first the one religion which is clearly growing in population and intensity of belief: Islam.

Note: I didn’t cite sources because for each and every “source” there’s another saying the exact opposite. The same with scientific papers. Anyone who uses the term “science denier” is ironically being unscientific, because science thrives on opposing beliefs and peer reviews, and have probably don’t know how science works or have never read scientific journals in which so many conflicting results are shown, depending mostly on methodology, sampling and constraints.

Comrade Jesus 

“Love thy enemy”

Does that sound familiar? That’s because you hear it all the time in today’s politically correct leftist social-justice-warrior crap. Love the supremacist expansionist Islamists who admit that their agenda is to take over everywhere, to enjoy servitude taxes from the infidels and score points for the afterlife!

Yes, Jesus was a virtue-signaling moral exhibitionist SJW leftist. So passive that a ’50 shades of grey’ submissive would be jealous of him.

Religion, as it seems, is for the collectivist socialists, not for the individualist true liberals who want equal opportunity but not equal results.

The Muslim paradox 

Having lived in the UAE, I’ve noticed that most, if not all, locals didn’t seem very religious. Sure, they derived some identity from their religious traditions, but they lived an impious life, they didn’t pray, they didn’t go to the mosque, they had alcohol and pork, and they sneakily violated the Ramadan fasting. Of course, when you live an abundant life, you don’t really need a fairy tale god to comfort you. That’s why the more developed a region is the less people buy religious dogma.

But I did see some fear. They were afraid to admit that their religion, like all religions, was bullshit. And the norm there was that if you’re an atheist you should keep it to yourself. 

What if all of them are atheists pretending to be religionists, thinking that they’re are the only one?

Ego lifting and SJWs

You’ve heard the term ‘ego lifting’, right?

It refers to those bodybuilders or powerlifters of whatever who love going to the gym to show off how heavy they can lift and scream (for attention), while at the same time taking narcissistic homoerotic shots of themselves in the mirror, and patting themselves on the back for being so badass. They miss the point of fitness, which is strength of character, being above competitiveness, and being humble so as to not belittle others who just so happen to not lift as much as they.

It came to me today. SJWs are the ego lifters of politics or socializing or whatever. They didn’t choose the gym to advertise how superior they imagine they are to others. They chose the internet, the political rally, the magazine, the protest, the university. They just love showing off how morally superior they are by masturbating their ego and self-congratulating themselves with pathological altruism, which is in the form of ‘I demand, the state pays’. Yea, it’s easy to be “charitable when others pay”, denying the right of others not to give to charity, because maybe they have the right to believe that too much charity enables beggars/freeloaders. And beggars will hate you if you don’t give to them, and they’ll hate you even ore if you give to them, because when they’re not hungry anymore, they’ll hate the patronizing superiority you showed off when throwing them your scraps.

SJWs miss the point of dialogue. They fail to understand that being factual and intelligent is more important than emotional biases. They fail to question their own cherished beliefs, which become stale in time and stink (‘From still water expect poison’ – William Blake). The flamboyantly show off their perceived moral superiority, showing off how compassionate they are, how much they love the perceived underdog, how good they are that they even love the enemy. They are so good that they even “love” muslims who actually join ISIS and must be helped (with the taxes of others) to integrate afterwards because it’s our fault they became marginalized, not their hateful religion which commands their supremacy. They even invent fake enemies, boogeymen, to “fight” in order to show off this ethical exclusiveness they deludedly think they have, just like a meathead ego lifter in the gym thinking he owns the gym.

The flamboyant way in which these self-appointed “justice warriors” advertise their moral “superiority” is proof that they’re just insecure weaklings and all they need is to compete in an arena of perceived “ethos”. That’s why universities are a cesspool of such disgusting drama. Because university is the most insecure time for a person, where there’s so much competition and fear and uncertainty.

Here’s an advice for SJWs: join a gym. As an ego lifter you’re less pathetic.

#Feminism is a lie. Matriarchy exists, not patriarchy 

With entire generations of men brainwashed into ‘putting the pussy on the pedestal,’ how exactly is there a patriarchy? Women are glorified in media and men are shamed, except the ones who behave like obedient servants to women. Just check your average romantic comedy, how the man must always run after her and beg her. How is it that in a society where a man actually kneels to propose and women almost always get child custody there’s a patriarchy? 

Feminism perpetuates lies in order to ‘get more free stuff’ from the government, the taxes of which are taken from men mostly.

Food for thought.

Another dumb religionist argument 

You’ve heard it before.

‘The only reason atheists reject God is because they love to sin!’


In your little mind there’s a possibility that an atheist really knows that an eternal hellfire awaits those who don’t submit to a tyrannical God, yet he chooses to ignore it in preference of a few measly years of earthly pleasures? Really? Which school or risk management did you go to?

I even had a Muslim saying that I’m an infidel because I gave in to my lust. Really? A Muslim, who expects a paradise with 72 virgins who remain virgins even after sex, plus a boy servant, plus an infinite libido. It’s a seriously deprived cult. Yet atheists are the weird ones…

Yet another laughable religionist argument.

Criticizing the ‘If you don’t stand for something, you will wall for anything’ quote

Alexander Hamilton’s ‘If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything’, and the later adaptation by Malcolm X ‘A man who stands for nothing will fall for anything’, are quite inspiring. Basically, we can derive that people with no conviction constitute easy prey to be manipulated

But how do we know that what people apparently stand for, a perceived state of “convictions” and “values”, isn’t precisely the act of ‘falling for anything’ just because they didn’t stand for something in the first place?

Food for thought.