The victimhood competition

A symptom of socialist societies is the rush to obtain a victim status, which automatically translates to special state benefits/treatment.

This is why some try so hard and without logic to ensure a perceived victim status for their supposed race, gender, bodytype, religion, etc.

There are other untapped categories of people which still haven’t demanded victim status: bald men, short people, people with glasses, physically ugly people, hairy people, left handed people.

Left handed people were historically oppressed, considered to be the devil’s children, are oppressed today because most computer mice and other gadgets are made for right handed people, and they are also discriminated against by health insurance because of a little thing called statistics.

Kids with glasses are more likely to be bullied than a kid with a different skin color than most of the other kids. And guess what! People are mean to each other for any reason possible. To demand a specialvictim  status for your supposed “race” just because someone made fun of your skin color is hypocritical, pathetic and undignified. At least most would like your skin color, yet no one would like glasses.

No one likes beggars. And professional victims are just that.


Why feminism is hypocritical 

  1. Feminists whine about how bad women have it from having to give birth, therefore demand the “equal” right of having special treatment in employment and social insurance legislation, yet fail to seek some sort of benefit for men who tend to live shorter lives.
  2. Feminism is based on the lie of the gender pay gap, which is the average of the earnings of a man versus the average of the earnings of a woman. Men on average tend to earn more because they tend to choose high-paying IT, oil engineering, medical professions. Women tend to earn less because they tend to choose low-paying teaching, therapy and laughable “gender studies” fields. The key word is ‘choose’. The perpetuated lie than men get paid more for the same job is an illogical lie aimed at professional victimhood. Why would any rational employer pay more for the same output? Feminists suppose they give the same output while demanding lower entry standards for the police, fire service, military, etc. 
  3. Feminism supposedly demands equal rights yet never demands equal child custody rights in case of divorce.
  4. Feminism supposedly demands equal rights yet never demands equal sentencing for the same crime, as women, by law, get lesser sentences for the same crime.
  5. Feminism supposedly demands equal rights yet never demands participation in the draft, or at least, the exclusion of all men from the draft.
  6. Feminism supposedly demands equal rights yet never demands employment quotas for men too, who seem to be the majority of the unemployed everywhere.

Therefore, a feminist is either a deluded schizophrenic with persecution complex, or an evil liar who victimizes herself for special benefits, you know, like a beggar.