Anti-Trump hypocrisy

Certain anti-Trumpers seem to validate what I’ve been saying for years: that a number of atheists aren’t necessarily so because of their ability to be objective, skeptical and reasonable, but because they just happened to adopt the atheist identity and follow it with religious fanaticism. No wonder theists accuse atheism of being a religion.

These are atheists who would do anything to oppose any anti-gay, anti-abortion, anti-whatever rhetoric which comes from Christians, but would otherwise overlook any political Islamism creeping outside their doorstep. This reminds me of the r/K selection theory by which the weak pathetic collectivists would rather side with the perceived enemy of a group, because their own identified group feels too competitive for them. Their short-sightedness doesn’t allow them to really see the future much worse submission coming their way. Yes, Islam is by far the worst religion in the world because it is political and supremacist, and while all other religions diminish, this one flourishes, even in today’s age of information. Any atheist who can’t grasp this is as thick headed as any theist.

These are people who although bombard us with news “sources” on how Obama’s “environmental” carbon tax has reduced emissions, while at the same time boast about how oil prices have dropped under Obama. The schizophrenic-level cognitive dissonance of these two conflicting beliefs doesn’t seem to register at a conscious level with these supposedly “skeptical” atheists. And let’s not forget the impact on the environment of huge production by US companies taking place in countries where there in no environmental regulation. Don’t they understand the impact on the environment this has when taxation forces these companies to go to a pollution hell like China instead of staying in the US? Is the anti-Trump cognitive dissonance this schizophrenic?

They spread fear mongering in their echo chambers about how a religious Trump administration will bring us back to the dark ages by enforcing creationism in schools, while not realizing how pathetic and unprovable such an assertion is. Why didn’t they voice such concerns with Obama, a clear Islamic apologist who cannot even define the Islamic threat to any non-islamic civilization? Why didn’t they spread fear about Obama’s Islamic-friendly approach which might have allowed numbers of political Islamists to alter the demographic character of America, thus including more radical Islamic ideology in the mix? Wait! That actually happened!


These people moan about Trump being a sexist, yet ignore the fact that Obama helps perpetuate the dishonest misandrist lie of a gender pay gap, when in fact it’s a gender earnings gap, due to difference tendencies in career choices. How many times does this seed to be debunked until professional victimhood demagogues stop convincing intellectually lazy idiots that women are “oppressed”?

Any what about racism? Is it the dishonest twisting of Trump’s words about SOME illegal Mexicans going to the USA being rapists and that Mexico isn’t sending their best, even they Trump wants their best? I challenge any anti-Trumper to watch the ACTUAL full unedited speech of Trump on Mexicans. I also challenge them to educate themselves on the difference between an immigrant and an illegal immigrant. A bonus read would also be the term ‘welfare immigration’, which is a symptom of the enabling cancer of socialism. Also on racism, how is Obama not a racist? A person who convinced the “people of color” that they are oppressed by “white” people? A person whose twisted lies have turned America’s race relations back decades?

I’m not even mentioning dishonest arguments of Trump not being gentleman enough. Who cares? Are these people voting on good policies, which Trump clearly has (see TPP), or are they voting style, like idiotic children?

In essence, being an atheist doesn’t automatically mean you’re intelligent. You just might have had a biased reason to hate religion, or were just brought up by atheists, just like theists being brought up by theists. All I know is that Trump has the balls to define the Islamic ideology as a threat, and I don’t care if he’s not an atheist like myself. A true atheist would battle first the one religion which is clearly growing in population and intensity of belief: Islam.

Note: I didn’t cite sources because for each and every “source” there’s another saying the exact opposite. The same with scientific papers. Anyone who uses the term “science denier” is ironically being unscientific, because science thrives on opposing beliefs and peer reviews, and have probably don’t know how science works or have never read scientific journals in which so many conflicting results are shown, depending mostly on methodology, sampling and constraints.