Ego lifting and SJWs

You’ve heard the term ‘ego lifting’, right?

It refers to those bodybuilders or powerlifters of whatever who love going to the gym to show off how heavy they can lift and scream (for attention), while at the same time taking narcissistic homoerotic shots of themselves in the mirror, and patting themselves on the back for being so badass. They miss the point of fitness, which is strength of character, being above competitiveness, and being humble so as to not belittle others who just so happen to not lift as much as they.

It came to me today. SJWs are the ego lifters of politics or socializing or whatever. They didn’t choose the gym to advertise how superior they imagine they are to others. They chose the internet, the political rally, the magazine, the protest, the university. They just love showing off how morally superior they are by masturbating their ego and self-congratulating themselves with pathological altruism, which is in the form of ‘I demand, the state pays’. Yea, it’s easy to be “charitable when others pay”, denying the right of others not to give to charity, because maybe they have the right to believe that too much charity enables beggars/freeloaders. And beggars will hate you if you don’t give to them, and they’ll hate you even ore if you give to them, because when they’re not hungry anymore, they’ll hate the patronizing superiority you showed off when throwing them your scraps.

SJWs miss the point of dialogue. They fail to understand that being factual and intelligent is more important than emotional biases. They fail to question their own cherished beliefs, which become stale in time and stink (‘From still water expect poison’ – William Blake). The flamboyantly show off their perceived moral superiority, showing off how compassionate they are, how much they love the perceived underdog, how good they are that they even love the enemy. They are so good that they even “love” muslims who actually join ISIS and must be helped (with the taxes of others) to integrate afterwards because it’s our fault they became marginalized, not their hateful religion which commands their supremacy. They even invent fake enemies, boogeymen, to “fight” in order to show off this ethical exclusiveness they deludedly think they have, just like a meathead ego lifter in the gym thinking he owns the gym.

The flamboyant way in which these self-appointed “justice warriors” advertise their moral “superiority” is proof that they’re just insecure weaklings and all they need is to compete in an arena of perceived “ethos”. That’s why universities are a cesspool of such disgusting drama. Because university is the most insecure time for a person, where there’s so much competition and fear and uncertainty.

Here’s an advice for SJWs: join a gym. As an ego lifter you’re less pathetic.


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