#Feminism is a lie. Matriarchy exists, not patriarchy 

With entire generations of men brainwashed into ‘putting the pussy on the pedestal,’ how exactly is there a patriarchy? Women are glorified in media and men are shamed, except the ones who behave like obedient servants to women. Just check your average romantic comedy, how the man must always run after her and beg her. How is it that in a society where a man actually kneels to propose and women almost always get child custody there’s a patriarchy? 

Feminism perpetuates lies in order to ‘get more free stuff’ from the government, the taxes of which are taken from men mostly.

Food for thought.


Another dumb religionist argument 

You’ve heard it before.

‘The only reason atheists reject God is because they love to sin!’


In your little mind there’s a possibility that an atheist really knows that an eternal hellfire awaits those who don’t submit to a tyrannical God, yet he chooses to ignore it in preference of a few measly years of earthly pleasures? Really? Which school or risk management did you go to?

I even had a Muslim saying that I’m an infidel because I gave in to my lust. Really? A Muslim, who expects a paradise with 72 virgins who remain virgins even after sex, plus a boy servant, plus an infinite libido. It’s a seriously deprived cult. Yet atheists are the weird ones…

Yet another laughable religionist argument.

Criticizing the ‘If you don’t stand for something, you will wall for anything’ quote

Alexander Hamilton’s ‘If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything’, and the later adaptation by Malcolm X ‘A man who stands for nothing will fall for anything’, are quite inspiring. Basically, we can derive that people with no conviction constitute easy prey to be manipulated

But how do we know that what people apparently stand for, a perceived state of “convictions” and “values”, isn’t precisely the act of ‘falling for anything’ just because they didn’t stand for something in the first place?

Food for thought.

Ex-theists vs. all-time atheists

I felt the same way after I rejected the religion I was brainwashed to believe in. What a waste of time! How dare they indoctrinate me? After a while, though, I found a benefit: the ability to doubt myself and be critical. An atheist who grew up being an atheist never had the ultimate experience in self-doubt, which is going against God himself! This is how it felt, didn’t it? When you first began the process of enlightenment, it felt like you were challenging God, the ultimate sin. That took immense courage, intellectual honesty and humility to question cherished beliefs. You built character. You have mental scars. In my experience, there’s a great number of all-time atheists who lack that. They have limited critical ability and it just happened that they were atheists, otherwise they could’ve been followers of any cult, political ideology or herd. I’m an atheist, but so what? I don’t deserve a medal nor am I lucky just because of that. There’s plenty of atheists who stubbornly believe in illogical notions other than mainstream religion with the same, if not stronger, fanaticism and zeal one would expect from extremist theists. Being an atheist from birth proves nothing. Being an ex-theist, does. I’d trust you more.