Are you an old school DJ?

Old school DJs take pride in their ability to use turntables and master the art of vinyl manipulation, tempo matching, beat matching, and mixing a set without using CDs or computer software which help a lot.

Yes, it’s a skill which needs a lot of practice to acquire.

However, there’s so much aggressiveness out there from old DJs who feel antagonized by younger generation DJs with their computer software. Old DJs will assert that any DJ who uses a computer is no real DJ.

And my answer to this is: do you use a lighter to light your cigarette or do you rub wood together?

Yes, it’s a skill to use turntables (not rocket science, though), but it’s totally useless these days, unless a music venue wants to have that as part of a show. But if effectively and creatively mixing a set, following the audience’s moods and being versatile with the amount of music you’ve got is what a DJ does, then not only classic DJ-ing is useless, it will never be as good as new style DJ-ing, when computers allow for easier mixing, less probability of mistakes, much more creativity, much more music carried around, etc. The audience cares about results, and not what needlessly difficult archaic method was used. Efficiency and effectiveness are key.

So again, are people who use lighters, and don’t rub wood together, not real smokers? Are people who use ultrasounds, and not a stethoscope, not real doctors? Are people who use autopilot, and not fly stick all the time, not real pilots? Are people who use calculators, and not pen and paper, not real mathematicians? Are people who use pen and paper, and not calculate in their minds, not real mathematicians?

So before badmouthing competition, make sure you get over yourself first.


The controversial truth about pets

Does it mean that I’ve got a super kind heart when I adopt a pet that truly loves me?

Or do I buy apparent affection from an easily bribed animal which has no options in life to choose whom to show affection to? And what worth is the passive “love” of an animal compared to a love of an intelligent human who chooses to love you, rather than mindlessly treating you like a god? And isn’t it selfish weakness to want to take care of a helpless creatures just because it’s the next best thing to humans that I can’t get approval from, enslaving the animal, limiting my timetable and lifestyle around the animal’s needs, and bothering neighbors too with smell or noise or dangers?

Food for thought.

How education should be

Insecurity is the greatest of man’s woes.

Frustration from social friction due to lack of confidence and constant antagonism is what causes people to mindlessly join a group-think herd mentality and be swayed for all kinds of horrors, such as wars, organized racial hate (as is the case of #BlackLivesMatter and #KKK),  religious violence, gang affiliated violence, even hooliganism.

Indeed, schools should teach us arts and science, but most importantly, they should teach us to have intrinsic confidence, one that doesn’t rely on extrinsic stimuli. We should be taught to accept others no matter how better than us they seem to be. We should be taught to understand that all are insecure, especially the extroverted ones, who constantly crave for social attention, and they constantly feel the need to antagonize everyone, directly or indirectly with subtle insults.

Only then will we be able to be more healthy emotionally, and put those arts and sciences to much better use.