Disproving Judaism, Christianity & Islam 

The literary poverty of the Bible and Quran are proof of their falseness as the perfect “word of an almighty all-knowing god”.

Thousands of years before these laughable texts were written, ancient pre-abrahamic civilizations created Gilgamesh, Buddhist texts, the Kybalion and Ancient Greek dramas, which follow a dithyramb structure, constituting them works of genius. 

The Ancient Greek word ‘ethos’, literally meaning ‘morality’, predates Christianity and Judaism which falsely claim that all morality began with the laughable ‘Ten Commandments’.

It’s almost as if the bible and Quran were written by illiterate retarded sheep-herding desert dwellers who knew absolutely nothing about nature or themselves, and who were interpreting things they couldn’t understand in order to control gullible others. Oh, wait..!


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