Feminism in a nutshell

Strong women reject feminism because their dignity forbids self-victimization.


The pathological altruist and the filth of islam / #ParisAttacks

The pathological altruist is the person who drives a car, stops in the middle of a priority road and gives way to someone with no priority, accommodating the driver without priority but slowing down a bunch of drivers with priority. The pathological altruist does this in order to just feel good about applauding his/hers self-congratulation (ego masturbation).

The pathological altruist is the person who drives a car, slows down and gives way to someone without priority who doesn’t expect to be given way, and then you get two cars just stopped, both being slowed down even more than waiting for their turn, for nothing. Because if the pathological altruist had not given way and followed the rules, both cars would be moving more efficiently. Again, it’s all about ego masturbation.

The pathological altruist is the person who seeks out perceived victims or groups of perceived victims (usually perpetually offended self-victimized whiney freeloaders who demand special treatment) and aggressively defends them against perceived enemies (the enemies almost always being the skeptics who don’t buy into the victimization strategies of said free-loaders).

The pathological altruist is the one who is intolerant of any criticism of the filth of islam because muslims have taken the role of the victim. The pathological altruist ignores the fact that islam teaches  it’s sheep to deceive unbelievers, and plants them the notion of their supremacy over unbelievers, the “divine” entitlement of taxes from unbelievers, their submission and the free use/abuse of their women. Yes, not all muslims are extremists, but it takes a lot of moderates for an extremist to rise from among them. And probably all “moderate” muslims emotionally support extremism in the name of their pathetic religion.

Islam is an ideology by far worse than Nazism. Nazism has been demonized (although there have always been “moderate” Nazis), so why not islam too, which is historically responsible for by far more bloodshed than nazism?

Islam should be banned from civilized societies. It breeds deluded, depraved, violent morons. It’s not the morons’ fault, but they need to be seen for what they are; patients of a psychological virus. They deserve no respect for believing in stupidity. They need to be ridiculed by society and definitely not respected for the filth they call their religion. This, together with education and the penalization of spreading islam, especially to innocent children, will cure them in time.

Ban islam, today!


Racial, national, political, religious labels satisfy a desperate need for an identity and group belonging, indicating a lack of conviction, a herd mentality and zero individuality.

Time for some self-criticism? Maybe?