My disillusionments

1. Realised that Christianity, as well as all religions, were bullshit

2. Realised that the world financial system is a rigged scam which enclaves us all to the printers of fake money

3. Realised that most women (if not all) fake love in order to secure a male, slave to their emotional blackmail, thus ensuring financial and other safety

4. Realised that friends and family weren’t as good as I thought they were


7 thoughts on “My disillusionments”

      1. To have high expectations is to be ultimately disappointed.

        However, I admit i am a rare case .. Never particularly liked my family 😏

        Never lived with my parents and siblings may have something to do with it. Have always been on the outside looking in so expected nothing

        Friends we get to choose and should choose wisely then we can only blame our selves for our poor choices 😉

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