My disillusionments

1. Realised that Christianity, as well as all religions, were bullshit

2. Realised that the world financial system is a rigged scam which enclaves us all to the printers of fake money

3. Realised that most women (if not all) fake love in order to secure a male, slave to their emotional blackmail, thus ensuring financial and other safety

4. Realised that friends and family weren’t as good as I thought they were


I don’t want you, bitch!

It seems to be so easy for me to move on from an emotional attachment as soon as I realise that the woman involved was actually not even close to the image I had of her. 

That’s why I dig. I dig my emotions and I dig out facts. 

People are fake, especially women when interacting with their life’s partner. And the irony is that the man they spend most time with has an image of them with the largest deviation from reality.

That’s why so many attractive and popular men decide to live and die alone, without a fake image of an ideal woman manipulating their lives. Having said that, they also reserve part of the responsibility for the creation of that fake image of the ideal woman. It’s the inherent male emotional weakness.

So I’ll never allow any woman who’s looking to settle down (or simply settle with) to take advantage of that weakness. I’ll be aware of it. I’ll be aware of the dishonest female motives, which are financial security, and a dependable sucker male to manage and micromanage her life.

To all those pathetic gold diggers out there: Good luck selling out, marrying an idiot who can’t see through your lies, and dying a sad miserable useless person. Have a nice short pointless life!

A quote 

Every miserable fool who has nothing at all of which he can be proud, adopts as a last resource pride in the nation to which he belongs..
Arthur Schopenhauer
(Or a football team, a religion, an aggressive cause etc)