Things I hate

  1. professional victims
  2. pathological altruism
  3. cultural/social Marxism / communism
  4. self-proclaimed experts
  5. insecurity manifesting in sick malicious antagonism
  6. passive aggressiveness
  7. disloyalty
  8. ego masturbation / self-congratulation
  9. people who take themselves too seriously (lacking humility)
  10. intellectual arrogance
  11. tribalism/partisanship
  12. entitlement / superiority complex
  13. fake moral panic episodes
  14. persecution complex
  15. presumptions
  16. people who actively invent reasons to pretend to be offended by and protest against
  17. moral exhibitionists, virtue signaling
  18. moral authoritarians
  19. drama queens who feel empowered through their victimhood


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