Feminism, racism, homophobia, islamophobia… Just lazy people whining so they can receive special treatment.

There are no limitations in modern civilized society referring to said outdated/irrelevant concepts. That means there are no excuses for hurt feelings and individual inadequacies.

It’s a free market. Look around at you how anyone can succeed anywhere.  You only have yourself to blame for your inefficiencies so, please, stop evoking silly vague concepts with zero substance to justify your failures and to claim special rights for yourself by identifying with a perceived group.

Simply mentioning these terms, their poison is being recycled, perpetuating historical hate and the delusion that these teens apply.

Some might want to give examples of these terms to justify their whining. What they don’t understand is that everyone has the right to be a misigynist, a racist or a homophobe. They have every right to think what they want and behave how they want, and it’s up to society to single out these individuals and isolate them if they start limiting the rights of others. Some hate fat people, others hate skinny people, others hate people with glasses and they openly duscriminate against them, either at a job placement or at choosing a spouse. It’s their right to discriminate and we all duscriminate. I wonder what would happen if we created terms for women who discriminate against short men, or men who discriminate against brunettes.

Those said terms are all about ‘being offended’. Really? Is this what billions of years of evolution have come to? Creating terms for different kinds of hurt feelings? My policy is that offense is taken, not given. Most of the times offense is not intended but it is taken anyway. And sometimes, when offense is intended, it can simply not be taken by an emotional & intellectually strong individual. 

Food for thought.




Religion is like WWE; everybody knows it’s fake but they pay & cheer anyway.