The “R” word, yet again!

Without discounting the severity of genuine “racism” cases, I think it’s important to understand the fake ones. Just like with fake rape accusations, which happen to comprise the vast majority of rape claims according to statistics, it’s the duty of a well-educated society to be able (and willing) to intellectually question all claims, until satisfied of their validity.

A tragic majority of “racism” claims i’ve experienced around me happened to be nothing more than pathetic false attempts at victimhood. And I grew up in a place which historically was being discriminated against for centuries on the basis on religion and nationality. And this is not me whining about the past generations which I have no responsibility for.

A minority remains a minority if it persistently refuses to be included. A “racial minority” doesn’t objectively exist, but only subjectively, according to its member’s choses identity. Therefore, the responsibility of “exclusion” lies in mostly in its member’s choice to be excluded and identified as a special subgroup of the “majority”, which happens to also be defined by minorities.

Years ago at university, I remember a disturbing case of racial victimhood. Three students from three different countries decided to identify themselves as a “racial minority” and they formed a group within which I assume they felt comfortable in because they shared similar external characteristics. They then went on to complain that other “perceived groups” were not including them and they were avoiding them because of their “racial characteristics”. And I couldn’t help wondering about the irony of the whole thing, as I myself was being very nice and helpful to them only to find myself included in the “racist majority” by them. I waste one being racially profiled; the perceived majority was being racially profiled by a perceived minority (only the minority’s comfy perceptions here). How odd? 

There should be a new term in political correctness: self-racism.

Food for thought.

Note: my blog is all about philosophy. Philosophy attempts to set as many questions as possible, and introduce ideas and ways of thinking that are beyond the “norm”. As much as anyone would like to characterize my philosophizing as “hate” or whatever, I must say that everyone must have an opinion, convenient or educated, and that offense is taken, not given.


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