The white feather and feminist hypocrisy


Today’s society tends to conveniently forget the fact that when women were merely deprived of their right to vote, men were deprived of their right to live in dignity, or to even live for that matter, whenever a war broke out. I won’t get into a low intelligence discussion on the topic of men causing all wars and women breeding all men. My issue was never with women. My issue is with the sick social trends which I attempt to analyze without appointing responsibility and accusing any perceived groups.

Especially during WWI, the white feather phenomenon was highly publicized. I think most scholars of history can agree that the Great Wars, and every war for that matter, happened solely for the benefit of the elite classes, which most times fed both sides of a war for their beneficial redistribution of resources. Wars never happen for “freedom”, for “liberty”, for “civilization”. The educated, the skeptics and those who don’t immediately fall for the ear-tingling evangelia of nationalist or religious speech, understand that war is futile, and it’s NEVER in the interest of the soldier.

However, the white feather phenomenon bothers me immensely, especially in an age when feminists possess the audacity to claim past (or even present) discrimination against women, in an attempt to claim special privileges for the world’s majority gender.

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Every marketer will agree that women are by far more susceptible to their strategies than men are. Therefore, it’s safe to assume that media propaganda affects women easily. The white feather phenomenon was pushed down the throats of society, found women accepting it, and that’s why there were mothers willingly sending their sons, wives their husbands, and sisters their brothers, to their deaths.


Imagine the emotional abuse a man had to endure during one of those many wars when the white feather mentality (or something similar) was submitting most of his peers into blindly following the ranks of the dead, dying for no logical reason. Imagine the shaming, the impossible military standard, the honor ideal that men had to subscribe to in order to be socially accepted. Imagine the pressure of a 15 year old boy who had to enlist to impress a girl, only to die while she’d go off and marry a higher class rich man who never had to fight in the first place. Image the social suicide of those few enlightened men who could see the futility of war and were resisting the social/legal forces which were pushing them towards it.

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Throughout history, such propaganda was almost always present to push men to fight fiercely for little or no rewards. And it was women who played the determining role in most cases. How about mothers in Classic Sparta sending their sons to war, ordering them to return either with their shield or dead upon it? How about all these countries today (with the exception of Israel) which enforce a conscript military service exclusively for men, wasting years upon years of their productive lives (which tend to be shorter than women’s), while women are required to offer no free service to their country? Why women always tend to evoke oppression by men because they ‘couldn’t vote’ or ‘because they couldn’t work’? Maybe they weren’t interested in those activities, because as soon as they asked for them, no one said no.

I don’t blame women for their inherent affinity to trends and social propaganda. There are tons of other gender inequalities which find men being discriminated against, but nothing even comes close to the compulsion to fight through hell and die for nothing, while women always get a free pass. So, why is there a feminist movement today in the first place? With what audacity does a modern self-respecting women have the nerve to evoke feminist ideals?

Food for thought.

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3 thoughts on “The white feather and feminist hypocrisy”

  1. They should have passed out black feathers to women for each and every man killed in that war. I wonder how many white feathers they would have passed to each other if woman had to fight!

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    1. Thanks for your comment, Henry. Good idea. Yet again, a woman’s life has more value than a man’s life, in biological terms. I don’t really blame women. I’m here to philosophize, to question and doubt the standard.


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