Gender shaming, double standards and ‘REAL MEN’

There’s a social trend recently to brand all criticism of women as shaming. (The term ‘shaming’ is the new “racism”, “sexism”, “whatever-ism”).

It’s now politically incorrect to call a woman ‘overweight’, for example. Although, I do agree that criticism is not always in the best of intentions, that is no reason to disallow it completely. Why should an unhealthy behavior be enabled or encouraged just so a pool of voter’s feelings don’t get hurt?

The gynocentric double standard of this new ‘shaming’ concept has its implications. It’s no longer acceptable to say ‘a real women should be such or act like this’, yet it’s perfectly ok to assert that ‘he is not a REAL MAN’.

And what is a real man?

It’s hard to define. However, there’s one bit of information that might help define him; real men NEVER kneel.

marriage-proposal-crop-rectangle3-large 153303454

I know several men who would rather die than kneel in submission to anyone for any reason. I remember as a child being bullied in school one day when I was asked to kneel before the arch-bully who was towering over me. Even as a twelve year old I had the dignity and self-respect to refuse and accept whatever was waiting for me. Because any ‘real man’ knows that losing his dignity is irreversible. And they left me alone, never to bother me again, because I earned their respect and fear.

Also, history is full of men who gladly chose to die in defiance rather than kneel and live in shame.

William Wallace

So, the next time you you hear the term ‘fat shaming’ or ‘slut shaming’, I encourage you to think about the double standard implications of no one talking about the “no real man shaming” which emotionally terrorizes men into submission to abusive wives or girlfriends.

More on gender double standards in my next post: ‘the white feather’.


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