The “R” word, yet again!

Without discounting the severity of genuine “racism” cases, I think it’s important to understand the fake ones. Just like with fake rape accusations, which happen to comprise the vast majority of rape claims according to statistics, it’s the duty of a well-educated society to be able (and willing) to intellectually question all claims, until satisfied of their validity.

A tragic majority of “racism” claims i’ve experienced around me happened to be nothing more than pathetic false attempts at victimhood. And I grew up in a place which historically was being discriminated against for centuries on the basis on religion and nationality. And this is not me whining about the past generations which I have no responsibility for.

A minority remains a minority if it persistently refuses to be included. A “racial minority” doesn’t objectively exist, but only subjectively, according to its member’s choses identity. Therefore, the responsibility of “exclusion” lies in mostly in its member’s choice to be excluded and identified as a special subgroup of the “majority”, which happens to also be defined by minorities.

Years ago at university, I remember a disturbing case of racial victimhood. Three students from three different countries decided to identify themselves as a “racial minority” and they formed a group within which I assume they felt comfortable in because they shared similar external characteristics. They then went on to complain that other “perceived groups” were not including them and they were avoiding them because of their “racial characteristics”. And I couldn’t help wondering about the irony of the whole thing, as I myself was being very nice and helpful to them only to find myself included in the “racist majority” by them. I waste one being racially profiled; the perceived majority was being racially profiled by a perceived minority (only the minority’s comfy perceptions here). How odd? 

There should be a new term in political correctness: self-racism.

Food for thought.

Note: my blog is all about philosophy. Philosophy attempts to set as many questions as possible, and introduce ideas and ways of thinking that are beyond the “norm”. As much as anyone would like to characterize my philosophizing as “hate” or whatever, I must say that everyone must have an opinion, convenient or educated, and that offense is taken, not given.


The audacity of religion

It’s simple….

Religious advocates make grand claims which they have no way of knowing, and they expect the rest to behave according to those unsubstantiated claims, which can be easily traced back, through psychodynamic analysis, to a lack of conviction, lack of identity, fear of death, hate towards enemies, bitterness/misery towards life, and a desperate deluded hope for another better life.

Sorry for the long sentence.

The offense mind game

Have you ever been in a situation where someone claimed to be offended by you, when that was not your intention, and you felt the need to defend yourself? Did they still “felt offended” even after you’d explained that offense was not your intention?

That’s a mind game.

As we all know, offense is taken, not given. Therefore, when a person whines about “feeling offended”, they’re asking for an apology and, more importantly, to establish social superiority by putting you on the defensive, especially when the complaining and whining happens publicly (which almost always does). It’s just power play between any interaction with anyone.

Favorite themes of complaining: sexual jealousy, sexism, racism, religion.

What do you do when you find yourself in such a predicament? If you react and try to go along with the fake offense, you come across as unreasonable, insecure and, simply put, bad. If you try to defend yourself and say that it’s all a misunderstanding, you put yourself on the defensive, therefore, you lose “social credit”. The best thing to do it not play this rigged game. Simply call the “offended” out on what they’re doing. Because most of the time these games are triggered unconsciously, they will be amazed when you’ll call them out on it, when you realize what they’re doing before they do.

A recent example: lately I’ve been following the example of giving a compliment whenever you feel like giving one. Most people receive it well, unless they’re insecure and evil. I came across a sexist feminist who was “insulted” by my rather innocent compliment and said that I objectify women, I’m a misogynist, a sexist and a really bad person. If I tried to defend myself to say that it was a misunderstanding, I’d be playing the game. If I attacked her back, I’d be playing the game. I simply told her: “You’re trying to establish social superiority by putting me on the defensive for an illogical cause. Bye bye.” And although I see here often, I truly treat her as if she’s invisible. I don’t look at or talk to her at all. I don’t talk badly about her to common acquaintances either, because when she does that with me (and i know she does), she’ll appear to be the hateful bitch that she is.

The white feather and feminist hypocrisy


Today’s society tends to conveniently forget the fact that when women were merely deprived of their right to vote, men were deprived of their right to live in dignity, or to even live for that matter, whenever a war broke out. I won’t get into a low intelligence discussion on the topic of men causing all wars and women breeding all men. My issue was never with women. My issue is with the sick social trends which I attempt to analyze without appointing responsibility and accusing any perceived groups.

Especially during WWI, the white feather phenomenon was highly publicized. I think most scholars of history can agree that the Great Wars, and every war for that matter, happened solely for the benefit of the elite classes, which most times fed both sides of a war for their beneficial redistribution of resources. Wars never happen for “freedom”, for “liberty”, for “civilization”. The educated, the skeptics and those who don’t immediately fall for the ear-tingling evangelia of nationalist or religious speech, understand that war is futile, and it’s NEVER in the interest of the soldier.

However, the white feather phenomenon bothers me immensely, especially in an age when feminists possess the audacity to claim past (or even present) discrimination against women, in an attempt to claim special privileges for the world’s majority gender.

IMG_3643  IMG_3667     feather   IMG_3644

Every marketer will agree that women are by far more susceptible to their strategies than men are. Therefore, it’s safe to assume that media propaganda affects women easily. The white feather phenomenon was pushed down the throats of society, found women accepting it, and that’s why there were mothers willingly sending their sons, wives their husbands, and sisters their brothers, to their deaths.


Imagine the emotional abuse a man had to endure during one of those many wars when the white feather mentality (or something similar) was submitting most of his peers into blindly following the ranks of the dead, dying for no logical reason. Imagine the shaming, the impossible military standard, the honor ideal that men had to subscribe to in order to be socially accepted. Imagine the pressure of a 15 year old boy who had to enlist to impress a girl, only to die while she’d go off and marry a higher class rich man who never had to fight in the first place. Image the social suicide of those few enlightened men who could see the futility of war and were resisting the social/legal forces which were pushing them towards it.

hqdefault (1)

Throughout history, such propaganda was almost always present to push men to fight fiercely for little or no rewards. And it was women who played the determining role in most cases. How about mothers in Classic Sparta sending their sons to war, ordering them to return either with their shield or dead upon it? How about all these countries today (with the exception of Israel) which enforce a conscript military service exclusively for men, wasting years upon years of their productive lives (which tend to be shorter than women’s), while women are required to offer no free service to their country? Why women always tend to evoke oppression by men because they ‘couldn’t vote’ or ‘because they couldn’t work’? Maybe they weren’t interested in those activities, because as soon as they asked for them, no one said no.

I don’t blame women for their inherent affinity to trends and social propaganda. There are tons of other gender inequalities which find men being discriminated against, but nothing even comes close to the compulsion to fight through hell and die for nothing, while women always get a free pass. So, why is there a feminist movement today in the first place? With what audacity does a modern self-respecting women have the nerve to evoke feminist ideals?

Food for thought.

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Gender shaming, double standards and ‘REAL MEN’

There’s a social trend recently to brand all criticism of women as shaming. (The term ‘shaming’ is the new “racism”, “sexism”, “whatever-ism”).

It’s now politically incorrect to call a woman ‘overweight’, for example. Although, I do agree that criticism is not always in the best of intentions, that is no reason to disallow it completely. Why should an unhealthy behavior be enabled or encouraged just so a pool of voter’s feelings don’t get hurt?

The gynocentric double standard of this new ‘shaming’ concept has its implications. It’s no longer acceptable to say ‘a real women should be such or act like this’, yet it’s perfectly ok to assert that ‘he is not a REAL MAN’.

And what is a real man?

It’s hard to define. However, there’s one bit of information that might help define him; real men NEVER kneel.

marriage-proposal-crop-rectangle3-large 153303454

I know several men who would rather die than kneel in submission to anyone for any reason. I remember as a child being bullied in school one day when I was asked to kneel before the arch-bully who was towering over me. Even as a twelve year old I had the dignity and self-respect to refuse and accept whatever was waiting for me. Because any ‘real man’ knows that losing his dignity is irreversible. And they left me alone, never to bother me again, because I earned their respect and fear.

Also, history is full of men who gladly chose to die in defiance rather than kneel and live in shame.

William Wallace

So, the next time you you hear the term ‘fat shaming’ or ‘slut shaming’, I encourage you to think about the double standard implications of no one talking about the “no real man shaming” which emotionally terrorizes men into submission to abusive wives or girlfriends.

More on gender double standards in my next post: ‘the white feather’.