Thoughts on marriage 

Marriage was instituted as social/legal pressure for a man to safeguard a woman. In the past, this was essential, because her virginity had value and because she had no earning power, while at the same time was incapacitated by the taking care of her children.

How relevant is this today?

  • A woman’s virginity has no value anymore (except in the most traditional circles, and that will seize to be valid within a generation).
  • Women work today, and usually have less unemployment rates. They might tend to earn less but then again they also tend to get less hazardous occupations/tasks, proven by workplace injury statistics.
  • Women have lower court sentences for the same crimes than men, at least in most civilized countries.
  • Most legal frameworks favor women when it comes to divorce, social benefits, and so on.
  • Women live longer than men.

So why would any modern man be forced to allow the state to govern his personal relationships (aka marriage)? What does he get out of it? Can’t two people love each other and be together without the shackles of marriage which actually act as a turn off? Why a turn off? Because anything which is secure has no attractiveness. We are attracted to what we can’t have or, in relationships at least, what we might lose at any given time. We seize to appreciate what we have for sure and we take it for granted. The law of scarcity dictates that.

Why can’t two people choose to end a relationship while it’s still beautiful, without the divorce lawyers involved! 

And with the disturbing cases of women killing off their husbands just to get their life insurance or pension, I think most men have an additional (and rational) reason to avoid marriage. 

Why would a man succumb to the outdated female fantasy of marriage? Why would a man compromise his assets to a divorce law favored woman? Why would a man surrender himself to the stress of marriage expectations? Why would a man give an incentive to be murdered by his wife for benefits?

Love, honest love, doesn’t require marriage. Marriage is a legality with religious origins, and it’s a turn off. This is why most marriages end up in divorce, or worse, in an emotional prison.

I distrust men and women who obsess over marriage so as to admittedly ‘secure their interests’, or rather, their satisfy their insecurities. 

Love, true love, doesn’t require contracts. Love is love. Marriage is a business deal.

Nothing kills love better than marriage. 


5 thoughts on “Thoughts on marriage ”

  1. I gree btw that marriage is irrelevent in some countries and cultures in the world, however in far too many then worth of a woman is still within marriage…

    Lets hooe the freedom to love without chains will come sooner rather than later

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