Discrimination hypocrisy

What makes you think that ‘perceived discrimination’ against your ‘perceived group or chosen identity’ is more important than other kinds of discrimination?

The human species cannot live without discrimination.

I have been discriminated against countless times in my life and am still being discriminated against. So what? It’s reasonable, just, and I accept it like a man with self-respect.

I’ve failed job interviews because I was male, because I was too old, too young, too short, too qualified, not qualified enough, not good looking enough, not experienced enough, not networked enough, and so on.

I’ve been rejected by women because I wasn’t rich enough, good-looking enough, trendy enough, sexy enough, tall enough, or whatever.

At school I was bullied because I was wearing glasses and I was perceived as a “geek” and because I wasn’t athletic enough.

At airports I usually get harassed by security because I look dodgy.

Society discriminates against me because I subscribe to no political party, religion, football team or any other form of human farming.

And was I right to think that I was discriminated against for those reasons, or am was I simply trying to find a convenient reason to justify my personal inadequacies by generalized and demonizing others with my victimhood?

The truth is that we cannot punish people for thought crimes. People can the right to make their life’s choices and no one else has the right to brand their choices as discriminatory, as long as they don’t attack others.

By evoking discrimination all the time about our failings, we accomplish nothing other than causing embarrassment and turning focus away from things that do matter to things that don’t. Turning your inadequacies into a cause devaluates other causes that DO matter (the banking cartel, the war business, pollution, corruption, economy manipulation, lack of education etc)

Therefore, just because someone claims they’ve been wrongly discriminated against doesn’t mean they’re truthful. Maybe they deserved to be discriminated against. How else would a job recruitment process or a spouse selection work without discrimination?

Discrimination is relative to how it is perceived. And also, it depends to what group one chooses to derive an identity from and claim discrimination against it. People lack conviction, so they’ll desperately create imaginary groups to belong to, such as races, nations, religions, genders, etc. Why don’t people who wear glasses complain about discrimination against them? What about short men, bald men, obese people, depressed people, geeky kids, poor people, etc? Why don’t they create a group to comfortably belong to? And they have more right to claim discrimination than a sexist feminist complaining about lower wages for females while conveniently disregarding lower prison sentences and almost no female participation in hazardous occupations. Or a racist person who claims to belong to a minority just to get special treatment to act in an antisocial manner and claim discrimination when told off for it.

Discrimination, most of the times, is the hypocrisy of cowards who are after special treatment. Don’t fall into its trap!

I don’t care how people perceive their identity or how they perceive discrimination. The burden of proof lies in them to prove that others “discriminated” against them unjustly and not for a logical reason. You cannot punish people for thought crimes. Because we all discriminate daily for logical reasons. The only cases of illogical discrimination are due to cherished beliefs, and those are minimal it modern society, much less than the actual claimed cases of “discrimination”. Much like the disturbing statistics which show that most rape accusations are lies.


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