‘Offense is taken, not given’

I have the gene for thinning hair. I don’t care much. One day I trimmed my whole head and it seemed completely bald. It looked cool.

I then found myself in a group with an obnoxious balding guy with long hair on the sides and back of his head. He had taken offense to my voluntary “baldness”.

Offense is taken, not given.

In 2004 I was living in Greece. At the time, there was a tendency for the media to promote a sense of harmony and friendship between the Greek and Turkish peoples. So, two hit television series were on the rise which featured taboo romances between a Greek and a Turk. The muslims living in Greece (specifically the town of Xanthi) took offense to only one of those two series; the one where the female was muslim, not the one where the male was muslim.

Offense is taken, not given.

Whatever you do, whatever your intentions, there will always be someone who will be offended. Offense comes from within the offended. Most of the times, there is no offense intended. And even if offense is intended, it requires a weak and guilty conscious to actually feel offended.

So keep on offending!


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