“Racism” vs. cultural discrimination

I don’t think that there are any sane people out there who believe that there are groups of other people who have accumulated all the inferior genes of the gene pool. OK, maybe some might believe that, but I did say ‘sane’, didn’t I? With the amount of mixing and randomization of genes, it’s impossible for that to be a fact.

Yes, there are inferior genes. Genes of diseases, genes which reduce the Darwinian advantage for survival, and so on. But no one cares about those. Let’s face it.

I believe that today when people say “racism” they mean ‘cultural discrimination’. And that also depends on how they separate cultures and which culture they choose to identify themselves with.

Therefore, I don’t think that today “racism” exists (that’s why I use quotation marks) in the traditional Hitlerean sense. It’s about one’s sense of culture (or subculture) and non-genetic grouping. It’s about sets of ideals, ideas, sense of belonging, common history as identity, language, religion, ethics, values, laws, whatever.

An example would be a second-generation Greek Briton who looks down upon their perceived “Greek culture” they came from. Or a member of the traditional Greek culture who looks down upon their perceived second-generation expat Greeks who have “lost their identity”.

The word ‘perceived’ is key here.

Maybe we were all, at some point, guilty of cultural discrimination at some point in our lives. It takes courage to accept it and build upon self-criticism.


2 thoughts on ““Racism” vs. cultural discrimination”

  1. Hi , great post as always and you do make me think of a topic we rarely wish to discuss. Racism for the most part is taught, however I do feel sometimes it can be due to a bad situation a person has found themselves in and that then makes them feel for e.g. All Irishmen are the same 😏. Wrongly we realise but there it is.

    With regards the bottom of the gene pool, maybe some liberal’s from the Deep South of the U.S.? 😉

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