Why is it so hard for people to agree on something?

So many beliefs, so many useless debates, so many disagreements. If logic is one and the same for all, why are there so many different (and usually escorted by hate) groups of thought on any subject?

The reason is laziness. Humans tend to be lazy, to make everything as efficient as possible, sometimes by even reducing effectiveness.

Therefore, we tend to jump to conclusions very easily, to generalize, to associate things and place all ideas and ideals into comfortable frames.

We then cling on to them because otherwise it would mean that we would think more and more to break those frames, and think larger. 

We associate and generalize an idea with a comfortable feeling, we believe first and the we try to prove (or rather rationalize) it.

Thus, debates are useless. People choose what to believe first, due to convenience and/or timing. Logic cannot break through into anyone’s mind if it’s comfortably closed.

We are a lazy species. 


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