My “race”

The Homo sapiens species has no sub-races. Genetic diversity has been used for political reasons in an attempt to control the emotions of the masses. 

Therefore, when people identify themselves with a “race”, not only are they being “racist” just by doing so, but they’re also ignorant, desperate to belong to a group, and victims of propaganda.


I look Midde Eastern, I have African characteristics when it comes to nose, skin color and hair, my nose might even be Jewish though, my eyes are probably Armenian, my bald head is Meditertanean, my short thick legs resemble Nordic bodytypes, and I can trace ancestors from Greece and Britain.

Who has the audacity to think they’re a pure specimen of their “race”? Isn’t it healthy to enrich the gene pool? 

My ancestors were slaves to the Ottoman Empire too, up until it fell in 1918. So how is it that those who so passionately identify themselves with the “African American race” get to own history’s apology for slavery? 

It’s dangerous to study history selectively.

“Races” are a socially constructed standard designed to promote division and, therefore, control of the masses. 

Give sheep an identity and they will follow you anywhere!

‘Divide & conquer’ – Philip II


4 thoughts on “My “race””

  1. You wrote, “So how is it that those who so passionately identify themselves with the “African American race” get to own history’s apology for slavery?” I am confused by that.

    I’m American, not black and not really white, either, but Jewish, outcast as a “race” by both sides. I grew up in the south, live, now, in an extension of the southern Bible Belt, and don’t recall ever appreciating blacks/African Americans excusing slavery.

    Can you explain further?

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    1. I’m sorry, I might be mistaken in American society. However, with most Americans I’ve spoken with I sensed there was a great deal of pretentious bigotry against what would be called the “white race”, which doesn’t exist, by the way. On top of that, some who identified themselves with the other non-existent “black race” tried to label me as “white” and tried to insinuate that I was “racist”, since my forefathers were slavers. I’m not even American or “white”, and my forefathers were slaves, not because of “race”, but because of religion (islam is a filthy, vile, disgusting idea). So my question is this: what gives anyone with a slightly dark color to exploit the past suffering of slaves, only the ones who were “black”, in order to claim special treatment, to act aggressively and to try to put down anyone who they assume doesn’t like them because of their skin color?

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      1. Like other people in other situations, those who claim special persecution are often those who’ve felt it and been victimized by it, or those who, at least, have seen it happen to others.

        You might not be aware, but the internet is bringing out previously hidden facts, trends, and truths about modern day racism in America, particularly within the governmental bodies associated with policing, criminalizing, jailing, and murdering. Cops can target, shoot and kill blacks without even missing a day of salary. When it comes to drug arrests, cops avoid whites, because whites are more likely to be able to come up with a lawyer to defend them, and rich whites will get off free, thanks to their expensive lawyers. Blacks, especially poor blacks, are afforded overworked, disinterested lawyers provided and paid for by the very state that arrested them, and then offered a plea deal. That means, if they save the lawyer, judge, and everyone else a lot of work by just admitting they’re guilty (especially if they are not!), they’ll get a lighter penalty. Otherwise, they can often expect incompetence leading to the worst possible outcome. Some have been executed and later exonerated by DNA evidence or other evidence that their state-paid lawyers ignored or covered up.

        That’s not to mention lower wages, poorer housing, generally feeling shut out by others, and finding no real, honest way to make a better life for themselves or their children, giving in to disillusionment and discouragement, and all that comes with.

        These are the descendents of people who were kidnapped, brought over by force, survived the ship’s horrid conditions, and were too often treated worse than cattle or dogs, as property and livestock, meant to procreate only so their children could bring a good profit to the slave owner.

        And, perhaps worst of all, they were forced into Christianity, where the bible says, “Slaves, obey your masters.” Too many remained psychologically enslaved by that religion, while those who continue to see and treat them as subhuman believe Christianity gives them that right.

        It’s still far too rare for a dark skinned American to do as well as a Caucasion, given the same intellect and hard work.


      2. True, I do not doubt that at all. When someone is truly persecuted, of course they will react. But shouldn’t they react specifically and not generalize? Because when they do, they become exactly like their oppressors, with a “justifiable” reason to discriminate. Also, I’m sure many, not all, have not been really persecuted and are only interested in special treatment by evoking society’s sensitivity on “racism”. My point is that the more we talk about “races”, the more we push people to identify themselves with them. As soon as they do, discrimination on all sides becomes inevitable, children have no concept of “race”. They are taught, even pushed, to identify themselves with one.

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