“Racism” again!

“Racists” think in terms of “races”.

“Racism” can be direct or reverse, outward or inward.

By the way, they reason I use quotation marks is because I don’t believe those terms exist. “Races” are an imaginary social so strict created for political reasons and perpetuated by weaklings.


5 thoughts on ““Racism” again!”

  1. While I can agree that there is but one human race, just as dogs are one species, the variations within should have some sort of naming disctinctions for purely practical reasons. For example, people whose families originated from around the Mediterranean might have an inherited disease called Beta Thalessemia. A doctor needs to learn such categories in order to ask the right questions, distinguish the right patients, and thereby run the right lab tests, make the right diagnosis, and deliver the right treatment protocol. Doctors do their best to avoid the word “race”, choosing “heritage”, “background”, etc., but those have other meanings, as well, and can cloud the issue, both medically and scientifically (i.e., for clarity in research). Practicality does require some sort of label. I’ve not been able to come up with any singularly good one. Have you?

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    1. No, I haven’t. Practicality is fine. But I’ve been a victim of being accused of having “white privilege” more times than I can remember, while I’m not even American and in not even “white” for all practical reasons. It seems to me that some conveniently adopt a “race” label In order to express aggression, belong to a group, or just vent out frustration against anyone. It’s just unjustifiable.


  2. You’re right, of course, about groups. It’s a bullying tactic. A bully who’s charismatic can easily form a crowd and then direct mob mentality to do his bullying for him, while he, as grand puppeteer, can sit back, safely manipulating the situation, safe from arrest and conviction for the evil done.

    And, I think you’re right about your skin color, too. From your picture, it seems about like mine, olive. Of course, olive skin is really the best, right? (Just joking! Pretending to be racist, lol!)

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