#Islam: the self-appointed religion of peace

Lets compare the violent manifestations of islam against those of other religions. 

Although all religions have been used for violence, it seems that it’s the exception, while in islam it’s the rule. You know this just by a single historical overview of how islam spread through conquest, and how islam seems to be in a perpetual “justified” jihad with everyone who it considers to be its enemy.

And although the Christian ideal is to ‘turn the other cheek’ when “first attacked”, in islam it’s to ‘cut off their arms and legs on opposite ends’ of just ‘strike off their heads’. 

Islam is special when it comes to religious violence because it’s taught and instructed directly and clearly in its passages. No other religion commands it’s followers to do such vile acts.


7 thoughts on “#Islam: the self-appointed religion of peace”

  1. Please don’t forget/forgive the Inquisition. Know, also, that Hitler’s soldiers wore uniform belt buckles stating “GOTT MIT UNS” — God is with us! He held close bonds with the Catholic Church as well as with various Muslims, including but not limited to Arabs.

    As for anyone reading this who wants to claim Jews are just as bad, look at the old testament, those same, if archeologists or atheists, will claim there was no Moses, no Egyptian slavery, no Abraham, etc. Cant’ have it both ways, guys. Either the old testament is a collection of mythology or its a historical report.

    Regardless, whether ancient Hebrews/Jews engaged in tribal battles on grounds that god told them to, back then, god hasn’t told Jews to engage in any such battles, since.

    Islamists/Muslim extremists are as bad as you mean to say, worse than words can describe. Dominionists (their current Christian counterparts) will turn out to be a different flavor of an equally deadly poison, given the opportunity. They have been working toward that opportunity since the mid-late 1940s. Google “seven mountains” for just a glimpse, because when they label one mountain “government”, they don’t mention its inclusion of the United States Armed Forces, nuclear weapons included.

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    1. Thank you for the information. I admit I wasn’t aware of most of that. I don’t think that the other Abrahamic religions are good. I despise them and I feel sorry for their followers, friends and family included, unfortunately. This article was about the filth if islam, and doesn’t exclude other religions from being filthy. One at a time! 🙂


      1. I followed your posts awhile and found myself disturbed at how far off track are some of your ideas. You could easily research gender disparities, for example, but simply count yourself the poor, poor underdog instead. The wording in your question about Judaism suggested antisemitism already seething and roiling beneath. I suggest you research the history of the middle east in general and Israel in particular, starting around 1850, when all of that region was actually part of the Turkish Empire. Be sure to notice the direct, personal, face to face connections between particular Arabs and high ranking Nazis, come the 1900s, as well. Then, to be fair, compare treatment of Israel and Arabs in the news media (“Palestinians” was a term applied to non-Arab — i.e., non-Muslim — populations in the region until Yassir Arafat used Nazi propaganda techniques to usurp it) to the treatment of other non-Jewish, non-“Palestinian” battles, wars, government power struggles, etc. Oh, and ask yourself why the “Palestinians” required ethnic cleansing of Gaza and still require it of the West Bank, as well, while Israel has no limit on the number of Arabs/Muslims or others living as citizens within its borders?
        As for me, I am too limited to continue this sort of discussion with you. You have much to learn, Grasshopper. (See old American TV show in which “Grasshopper” was someone with much to learn.)


      2. What on earth are you talking about? You’re giving false accusations here. I think you may be confused. Advice: When you criticize/accuse/attack someone, be specific on the why and don’t get sidetracked on irrelevant rants. And “Google” is not an argument. If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it. And I don’t even understand what you disagreed with me about.


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