Thought paradox?

Discriminating against discriminators?

Killing killers?

Hating haters?

Fighting warmongers?

Preemptive wars for peace?

Where does justifying aggression begin and end? If we accept that aggression can be justified, then we accept that our enemies have every justification to be our enemies. We accept that those who hold beliefs contrary to our own have a justification for them too.

Food for thought.


Why is it so hard for people to agree on something?

So many beliefs, so many useless debates, so many disagreements. If logic is one and the same for all, why are there so many different (and usually escorted by hate) groups of thought on any subject?

The reason is laziness. Humans tend to be lazy, to make everything as efficient as possible, sometimes by even reducing effectiveness.

Therefore, we tend to jump to conclusions very easily, to generalize, to associate things and place all ideas and ideals into comfortable frames.

We then cling on to them because otherwise it would mean that we would think more and more to break those frames, and think larger. 

We associate and generalize an idea with a comfortable feeling, we believe first and the we try to prove (or rather rationalize) it.

Thus, debates are useless. People choose what to believe first, due to convenience and/or timing. Logic cannot break through into anyone’s mind if it’s comfortably closed.

We are a lazy species. 

My “race”

The Homo sapiens species has no sub-races. Genetic diversity has been used for political reasons in an attempt to control the emotions of the masses. 

Therefore, when people identify themselves with a “race”, not only are they being “racist” just by doing so, but they’re also ignorant, desperate to belong to a group, and victims of propaganda.


I look Midde Eastern, I have African characteristics when it comes to nose, skin color and hair, my nose might even be Jewish though, my eyes are probably Armenian, my bald head is Meditertanean, my short thick legs resemble Nordic bodytypes, and I can trace ancestors from Greece and Britain.

Who has the audacity to think they’re a pure specimen of their “race”? Isn’t it healthy to enrich the gene pool? 

My ancestors were slaves to the Ottoman Empire too, up until it fell in 1918. So how is it that those who so passionately identify themselves with the “African American race” get to own history’s apology for slavery? 

It’s dangerous to study history selectively.

“Races” are a socially constructed standard designed to promote division and, therefore, control of the masses. 

Give sheep an identity and they will follow you anywhere!

‘Divide & conquer’ – Philip II

Why #Occam’s razor is literally retarded. #Atheism wins again.

Occam’s razor is a problem solving principle which dictates that among conflicting hypotheses, the one with the fewer assumptions should be true.

Religionists conveniently use this principle to assume that the ‘God did it’ assumption as an answer to the question of existence is valid, since that would be the lesser assumption and therefore true.

Why this is retarded:

1. Who determines the number or severity of assumptions in any question? ‘God did it’ as a lesser or less complicated assumption is a matter of opinion. It also disregards the multitude of questions (and therefore assumptions) that such an answer would generate. A random Big Bang or multiverse assumption seems simpler, more grounded and more harmonious to me.

2. Later discoveries have disproved Occam’s razor. For example, the easiest assumption for the explanation of lightning is the wrath of God. The true proven cause is something more complicated. Occam fails again and again. I could go on for hours with such cases. 

3. Occam’s razor is a dangerously bold and complicated assumption in itself. 

Why it’s so easy to proselytize 

People lack conviction & identity. Give them one and you own them!

This goes for political parties, religions, nationalism, “race”, dietary habits, economic systems, sexuality, etc. Any group which herds humans like sheep.

‘If you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything.’

– Peter Marshall

“Racism” again!

“Racists” think in terms of “races”.

“Racism” can be direct or reverse, outward or inward.

By the way, they reason I use quotation marks is because I don’t believe those terms exist. “Races” are an imaginary social so strict created for political reasons and perpetuated by weaklings.

#Islam: the self-appointed religion of peace

Lets compare the violent manifestations of islam against those of other religions. 

Although all religions have been used for violence, it seems that it’s the exception, while in islam it’s the rule. You know this just by a single historical overview of how islam spread through conquest, and how islam seems to be in a perpetual “justified” jihad with everyone who it considers to be its enemy.

And although the Christian ideal is to ‘turn the other cheek’ when “first attacked”, in islam it’s to ‘cut off their arms and legs on opposite ends’ of just ‘strike off their heads’. 

Islam is special when it comes to religious violence because it’s taught and instructed directly and clearly in its passages. No other religion commands it’s followers to do such vile acts.

White privilege 

#WhitePrivilege = the privilege to historical guilt & to always be called “racist” against a majority of minorities. (I’m not “white” btw)

Work hard and make it. There are no excuses like “racism”, sexism or discrimination against ugly , short, fat, old people or people who wear glasses. 

All kinds of discrimination happens. So what? Everybody discriminates in their own way. Manipulating history to claim special privileges is immoral. We are all guilty of discriminating at some level all the time. It’s human nature. It might not be fair, but that’s nature. 

Use what you’ve got and stop inventing convenient excuses.