To know…

Knowing that you truly know what you know you know is important. You know?


15 thoughts on “To know…”

  1. Ah, but I only truly know that which is based on solid evidence… And if the evidence changes, my knowledge would have to adapt with it. So, true knowledge can never be expressed with 100% certainty… … … … I think…

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      1. Actually, I think last year’s was across the street and down the block from Comic Con. Different ones are different sizes. My first happened to be Hitch’s last, so I at least got to see him in person. Where are you?

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      2. I watched that on YouTube. I wish I could’ve met him. No atheist conventions in Europe, as far as I know. Unless maybe in the UK. No need for them, as atheism is mainstream here. I can’t even imagine stories from the States that atheists are afraid to speak up. Unbelievable!


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