Indisputable proof that the FSM religion is the one true religion

Every time you are presented with Flood “evidence” as proof of Christianity, every time you are presented with a picture of ocean heterochromy or quranic “scientific” references are proof of Islam, you should produce the following picture:

It is the actual human nervous system, which resembles spaghetti. Therefore, this constitutes indisputable proof that the Flying Spaghetti Monster religion is the only valid one, since this fact is evidence that the one true God, the FSM, created humans in Its image. 

Take that, unbelievers! Where’s your God now?


What to do when approached for proselytization by aggressive religionists 

What to do when approached for proselytization by aggressive religionists?


Simply ask: if their parents (or people who brought them up) have (had)  the same religion as them. Most of the times the answer will be ‘yes’. Therefore, say ‘thank you for your time’ and turn away.

Sometimes, though, you might get the infrequent fanatic who was “born again” and was converted to a religion later in life, this fact supposedly making their religion more credible, since self-aware adults can decide convert to it. In such a case, ask this question: what psychosocial problems were you facing at the time you were approached by your religious recruiters or when you decided to convert? Whatever the answer, again say ‘thank you’ (with a hint of sarcasm) and move on.

There’s no point in wasting time with minds that are fixed to irrationality. They have wasted their individuality and life on lies. They are lost, so there’s no need to show any courtesy by sticking around and debating on things that do not deserve debating. 

The “Prophet” Muhammad

Muhammad was the Great Constantine of the East. Inspired by the latter’s adoption of Christianity to control his subjects, Muhammad applied the exact same fraud to rally unconditional loyalty and rule. His improvement: a materialistic & hedonistic paradise as a promised reward.