The R-word! So dreaded!

People flip it around accusing each other of it. But what is it? Nobody knows.

I believe that a true racist is the one who speaks in terms of races and see races everywhere! The first thing these people do when they meet someone is think about their racial background! There’s only one race, the human race, and it’s pathetic.

Also, if one chooses to identify oneself with a “race” (who objectively doesn’t exist), they invite division and therefore a distance from other “races” which might qualify for “racism” in the popular sense of the word (which could mean anything, and therefore means nothing).

Being perpetually offended with anything by connecting it to racism betrays low intelligence. Only a lack of mental capacity can fail to comprehend that there are genuine reasons for being critical and defensive against certain Islamic fascists, and not being able to differentiate between that and the occasional traditional racism.

And what is truly offensive is accusing someone of racism. The most dangerous racists are the ones who accuse others of racism with the slightest opportunity. They are guilty of reverse racism, the most twisted and vile forms of discrimination.

Take Cuba’s example. Its population possesses all of humanity’s genetic characteristics, yet there is no perception of “racism”. They are all Cubans. Of course, they have a common enemy which unites them, called capitalism. Therefore, humans need an enemy. In the safe USA, people invent their enemies. Racism is a term invented in the USA and passed on the Western Europe as an aftermath of WWII. It is not an objective term; it could mean anything, therefore it means nothing.

The same exams of non-race applies to all of Latin America. Therefore, “racism” is a USA invention.

So those who repeatedly use the term “racism” are simply embarrassing themselves by the dishonest use of that anachronistic term.


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