Argument against atheism!

Certain religionists enjoy bashing atheism and claiming that it is an organized religion responsible for the communist killings of theists. By this logic, these religionists should embrace all the historical killings, torture, genocide, war, slavery, and so on, that their respective religion is responsible for. And by the logic all atheists should be communists. How intellectually embarrassing of them!

Furthermore, communism has nothing to do with atheism. Atheism is the absence of the herd mentality, therefore a religious fanatic is the same deluded waste of protein as a political fanatic, a nationalist fanatic or a football fanatic. It just so happened that it was convenient for the communist revolution to weaken the power of the church over the sheep/people.

Atheism is not even a specific term. It is not organized, has no creed, no ceremonies, no agenda (other than the separation of church and state, probably).

I myself dislike being called atheist. I would belittle myself by subscribing to a rigid ideology like a sheep with zero individuality. I believe that all religions are false. Is there a term or group for that? Do I need one?


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