The homoerotic nature of Islam


It was Carl Jung who had asserted the phrase with psychodynamic implications ‘what you resist persists’.

By expressly forbidding homosexuality, muslim men are resisting something which they are afraid! How much more pleasurable is a feared forbidden fruit?

Hasn’t psychology already established that the most passionate homophobes are raging homosexuals in denial?

The alienation of the female in Islam also suggests muslim male homoeroticism. By so diligently covering up the female form, by demonizing women who constitute the majority in hell, by considering a woman’s vagina as unclean and dirty… Well, you know where I’m going with this…

Why would it be important for a male muslim to look forward to beautiful young male slaves in the afterlife?

Muhammed used to suck on the tongues of young boys while wearing women’s clothes? What’s the obsession with the affectionate Bacha Bazi boys? Isn’t it considered cool in Islam for a Muslim to openly be a dominant homosexual?

And what’s with the men-only mosques with a bunch of guys bending over to one another?

Islam is truly homoerotic. Let’s not tell muslims that!


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