The “us” against “them” mentality

The “us” against “them” mentality betrays extremely low intelligence and limited mental capacity.

Humans who behave according to it demonstrate a lack of individuality, self-awareness, self-identity and independent thought.

They are pitiful.


9 thoughts on “The “us” against “them” mentality”

  1. Aye, when you understand physics and biology… Evolution and nuclear fusion… You understand that we all (from mammal, to plant, to stardust… Even an alien lifeform in a galaxy trillions of lightyears away) are one…

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      1. Don’t you just feel that you were born too early? I believe that hunamity is at its infancy as most humans regress to mindless flocks of nations, religions, political parties, football teams etc. It is just pathetic to be so intellectually lazy.

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  2. It truly is… Yet… We were born at just the right time, I think… How can I put this…It’s part of exponential growth… At first, there was one person who felt this way… “Converting” two people to this viewpoint, there are then three who feel this way… Etc, etc… All of us couldn’t just be born when such a movement is at its peak, because then the movement would never have existed at all… The road from caveman to an intergalactic focused mind is a long and hard one…

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