Why islam is a dangerous “ideology” and the most dangerous of all religions

It’s intellectually embarrassing for someone to evoke violence by other religions when confronted with violence by islam.

Yes, all religions are a pathetic attempt by the human psyche to rationalize its deepest desires and fears, and especially the Abrahamic ones (Judaism, Christianity, Islam) are full of violence in their history and preachings.

It’s not racist to accuse Islam of hate speech. Islam preaches hate against races, religions, sexes and sexual orientation, but it’s not racist? Is it racist to say “I hate the idea of nazism”? Would that include its deluded followers? No! It will empower them to reevaluate their beliefs.

By making excuses for Islam we enable the people who are deluded by it stay strong in their faith. If the aim of intellect and reason is for people to finally evolve out of religious (or any other) bigotry, religions have to be exposed.

Some people will be emotionally hurt in the process, but religions, as primitive ideas, deserve zero respect. Only the people who are deluded by them deserve the basic human respect, but none extending from their beliefs.

No one deserves respect specifically for their beliefs. If that would be the case, then serial killer, nazis, pedophiles, hooligans, and so on should not be criticized.

These are the reasons for islam’s being the most violent of religions (exclusive to Islam):

Islam’s founder was a warlord, a slaver and a pedophile. He is considered “the perfect example” for muslims.

Islam has creative lent penalties for women who cheat, who show their hair in public etc.

Islam has clear death penalties for apostates.

Islam has clear death penalties for gays.

Islam’s vague justifications for war and killing of infidels can be interpreted at anyone’s convenience without any sociopolitical direction, as seen with the examples of numerous “lone wolves” acting on their own, inspired by nothing but a few words in a primitive book.

When all other religions fade cause their followers finally see their stupidity, Islam is expanding, not because it’s true, but because it appeals to the instincts (it’s more aggressive, as African American muslims like to say, it promises hedonism in paradise etc)

There is no discussion on which is the most violent religion. All Abrahamic ones are violent at their core, which islam leading the war.

So, please, stop making excuses for Islam because you’re enabling more violence.


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