The mode of anti-theodicy: A question of Heaven



What exactly is the meaning of this
Just pawns in your twisted game
Severe pain for the lie I’m livin’
For a love I never could betray


Question me not say the lord unto thee
You have chosen your own fate
and your own destiny
Denied of this life, is what you are to be
You have chosen your own fate
and your own destiny


Lord I pound my fists at you
Won’t you just let me die
Would I not suffer enough
No inner peace no after life


Question me not say the lord unto thee
You have chosen your own fate
and your own destiny
Denied of this life, is what you are to be
You have chosen your own fate
and your own destiny


I did what I thought was right
All for the love of my life
I know it’s sad but true
Something is very wrong
Condemned to suffer so long
For a love so true

The question that lies within
Is so hard to understand
It still tears at me
And in my dying breath
My heart holds no regrets
I wouldn’t change a thing

My spirit begins to rise into the heavenly skies
Just to be shunned away by you
Now all I want is to die, no streets of gold in the sky
And I wash my hands of you


Rising to the heavens light
Just to plea for death
Just to be denied



The R-word! So dreaded!

People flip it around accusing each other of it. But what is it? Nobody knows.

I believe that a true racist is the one who speaks in terms of races and see races everywhere! The first thing these people do when they meet someone is think about their racial background! There’s only one race, the human race, and it’s pathetic.

Also, if one chooses to identify oneself with a “race” (who objectively doesn’t exist), they invite division and therefore a distance from other “races” which might qualify for “racism” in the popular sense of the word (which could mean anything, and therefore means nothing).

Being perpetually offended with anything by connecting it to racism betrays low intelligence. Only a lack of mental capacity can fail to comprehend that there are genuine reasons for being critical and defensive against certain Islamic fascists, and not being able to differentiate between that and the occasional traditional racism.

And what is truly offensive is accusing someone of racism. The most dangerous racists are the ones who accuse others of racism with the slightest opportunity. They are guilty of reverse racism, the most twisted and vile forms of discrimination.

Take Cuba’s example. Its population possesses all of humanity’s genetic characteristics, yet there is no perception of “racism”. They are all Cubans. Of course, they have a common enemy which unites them, called capitalism. Therefore, humans need an enemy. In the safe USA, people invent their enemies. Racism is a term invented in the USA and passed on the Western Europe as an aftermath of WWII. It is not an objective term; it could mean anything, therefore it means nothing.

The same exams of non-race applies to all of Latin America. Therefore, “racism” is a USA invention.

So those who repeatedly use the term “racism” are simply embarrassing themselves by the dishonest use of that anachronistic term.

Argument against atheism!

Certain religionists enjoy bashing atheism and claiming that it is an organized religion responsible for the communist killings of theists. By this logic, these religionists should embrace all the historical killings, torture, genocide, war, slavery, and so on, that their respective religion is responsible for. And by the logic all atheists should be communists. How intellectually embarrassing of them!

Furthermore, communism has nothing to do with atheism. Atheism is the absence of the herd mentality, therefore a religious fanatic is the same deluded waste of protein as a political fanatic, a nationalist fanatic or a football fanatic. It just so happened that it was convenient for the communist revolution to weaken the power of the church over the sheep/people.

Atheism is not even a specific term. It is not organized, has no creed, no ceremonies, no agenda (other than the separation of church and state, probably).

I myself dislike being called atheist. I would belittle myself by subscribing to a rigid ideology like a sheep with zero individuality. I believe that all religions are false. Is there a term or group for that? Do I need one?

The homoerotic nature of Islam


It was Carl Jung who had asserted the phrase with psychodynamic implications ‘what you resist persists’.

By expressly forbidding homosexuality, muslim men are resisting something which they are afraid! How much more pleasurable is a feared forbidden fruit?

Hasn’t psychology already established that the most passionate homophobes are raging homosexuals in denial?

The alienation of the female in Islam also suggests muslim male homoeroticism. By so diligently covering up the female form, by demonizing women who constitute the majority in hell, by considering a woman’s vagina as unclean and dirty… Well, you know where I’m going with this…

Why would it be important for a male muslim to look forward to beautiful young male slaves in the afterlife?

Muhammed used to suck on the tongues of young boys while wearing women’s clothes? What’s the obsession with the affectionate Bacha Bazi boys? Isn’t it considered cool in Islam for a Muslim to openly be a dominant homosexual?

And what’s with the men-only mosques with a bunch of guys bending over to one another?

Islam is truly homoerotic. Let’s not tell muslims that!

Why the religious hate blasphemy

So why can’t the religious stand blasphemy? Why do they become angry and prone to violence when they realize that their religions are not really that divine? Oh, that’s it, isn’t it?

Blasphemy causes cognitive dissonance in the diseased mind of the religionist. The logical unconscious understands that religious dogma is illogical and stupid. It conflicts with the conscious mind which wants religion to be true for a number of convenient reasons (a brothel in the afterlife or a hell for one’s enemies).

Therefore, keep blaspheming! Keep ridiculing the “authority” of religions! It is the only way towards finally getting rid of the plague that is religiosity.

Some late night questions

What is the ‘self’?
Is it a system of memories together with neural architecture and genetic potential?
If so, couldn’t it be infinitely replicated, thus rendering it insignificant?
So what is self awareness? Is it the product of a system “knowing” it exists? What are the levels of knowing such existence?


I really need to get some sleep…