Generalization and schizophrenia?

The tendency to generalize is a symptom of schizophrenia.

Be careful of people who are zealous about belonging to a group (religion, political party, nation, race, football team, rock band).

Be careful as they lose their individuality to identify themselves with a group, an act which betrays a lack of conviction, self esteem, aspiration, intelligence, and distinct personality.

Be careful as they eagerly bow in front of their favorite politician or celebrity, worshiping them and identifying themselves with their biased view of what they stand for, skewed towards their own twisted fantasies of in satisfied wants.

Be careful as they deliberately become offended by details, as they twist facts in order to provide an excuse for their bottled up aggression (usually present due to the lack of self esteem).

Be careful as they lose their individuality even more and more while they sink into the depths of the herd mentality.

Be careful as they frequently use the words ‘they’ and ‘we’ to define groups and set borders and divide ideals to elevate their value.

Did I just use the word ‘they’ too much?..


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