Accused of being racist?

I was accused of being racist once when I said that black guys are good at basketball. I thought about it and I concluded that the accusation was accurate. I generalized upon a stereotype for skin color characteristics. Racism includes positive stereotypes too…


Planet of the Apes

The next Planet of the Apes will have all Muslim cast to cut costs on special effects.


Before any goody two shoes do-gooder hypocrite pretends they are offended by this post by branding it ‘racist’, they should open a dictionary and reevaluate their definitions of race, racism and religion. No one whined about “racism” when George W. Bush, the “leader of the West”, was compared to an ape.

These are the highest representative of Islam! Ridiculing religion is important. It is the only way to battle its destructive psychological hold without using violence, which is more respect that most religionists in history bothered to show to atheists.

On writing (and insomnia)

Here I am battling with insomnia, stressed over the book I’m working on right now, struggling with self-doubt. Am I good enough? What makes me an expert in writing? I’m rubbish. I can’t write. I can’t even speak. I should give up.

Then it hits me, again. I think it was Ralph Waldo Emerson who said that attitude is more important that aptitude when it comes to writing. So here it is:

My writing skills are rubbish! Yet my stories are my stories; unique and great! My arrogantly naive style and bipolar rants set questions without answers and answers without further questions. I’m pathetic. I’m the best! Fuck this! This is who I am and you will hear my voice and read my words. If not, it’s your loss. Or is it?

Battling with myself I find myself again. This sounded funny, yet eerily psychotic. Maybe I am a psycho, like they always told me I was. Maybe this rapid emotional ambivalence can only be explained by a common neurological disorder, a mental ailment which is both my crippling pain as well as my source of divine inspiration. Should I use my weakness to achieve the greatness I’ve always dreamed of or should I collapse under its weight? And which weight? The weakness’s weight or rather, the dream’s?

But what do I know? I’m just a psycho who can’t sleep and can’t write, and who dreams big, standing in the dark typing on a broken smartphone.

I’m not a writer, but I shall keep writing.

Dead babies go the heaven?

If dead babies go to heaven, as some religionists claim, lucky them! I wish I died when I was innocent and be rewarded with in infinite paradise rather than struggling through life and probably ending up in hell for my sins. What would be the point of Jesus’s “sacrifice” then?

If dead babies don’t go to heaven, but in hell or limbo or whatever, then isn’t that unmerciful from a “merciful” God?

Generalization and schizophrenia?

The tendency to generalize is a symptom of schizophrenia.

Be careful of people who are zealous about belonging to a group (religion, political party, nation, race, football team, rock band).

Be careful as they lose their individuality to identify themselves with a group, an act which betrays a lack of conviction, self esteem, aspiration, intelligence, and distinct personality.

Be careful as they eagerly bow in front of their favorite politician or celebrity, worshiping them and identifying themselves with their biased view of what they stand for, skewed towards their own twisted fantasies of in satisfied wants.

Be careful as they deliberately become offended by details, as they twist facts in order to provide an excuse for their bottled up aggression (usually present due to the lack of self esteem).

Be careful as they lose their individuality even more and more while they sink into the depths of the herd mentality.

Be careful as they frequently use the words ‘they’ and ‘we’ to define groups and set borders and divide ideals to elevate their value.

Did I just use the word ‘they’ too much?..

The courage of an atheist

It takes courage to be an atheist, especially one who was raised in a religious environment and was subject to indoctrination.


Because if an atheist is wrong, and most atheists at least have the humility to accept that they know nothing for sure, they would have sacrificed an eternity, earning an afterlife of torment! Whilst a religionist, if they’re wrong, and they are usually arrogant enough to be 200% certain of their faith, they would have only sacrificed a finite lifeline.