The reason you cannot reason with theists

There is nothing more solidly hardwired in the brain than the early planting of an afterlife concept in the thought algorithms of a child.


Money = religion

The most dangerous religion is our blind obedient faith to the scam that is our monetary system

On free will

There is no free will; all decisions depend on random life events and random genes.

Your “free” decisions depend on the thought patten algorithms of your brain hard wired by random life experiences.

Pre-election promises should be in the form of a contract

How can someone claim that the modern “democratic” model is truly a democracy? If a politician can promise anything and then evoke external factors when breaking their promises? Why promise in the first place if something is not within their power? How do we have democracy if there is no accountability from the side of the “fairly” elected “leaders”?

The people need to wake up! We should demand that ALL pre-election promises be in the form of a personal liability contract. Then we’d probably get more realistic promises, and leaders with slightly more courage and commitment. And maybe we’d see a bit less corruption/embezzlement/injustice out there.

Elections are a charade! Ban political parties!

Elections mean nothing when politicians sell out to the highest bidding lobbyist.

Ban political parties! They simply serve to skew the freedom of democratic choice by consolidating sold up voters and acting like a street gang, terrorizing with numbers!

Condemn lobbyists who have legalized bribing/corruption!

Condemn all politicians who have taken “donations” (bribes) from sponsors and lobbyists, and who have not committed to their pre-election promises!