How to get rid of annoying Jehovah’s witnesses etc.

I know, it’s annoying!

Religious indoctrinators everywhere are characterized by the misguided arrogance of the conviction that they know more about the cosmic truth than you do. Therefore, if you’re reading this post you’re probably familiar with the reasons religions are a degenerative psychotropic state, so I won’t elaborate more on that.

But how do you get rid of annoying indoctrinators, especially when you don’t want to be impolite?

Next time someone wants to ‘talk to you about Jesus’ or ask you about your beliefs while selling something, simply smile and let them know that you are immensely happy and content with your current denomination which involves happily worshiping the Devil while enjoying the benefits of blood sacrifice and carnal hedonism. Furthermore, suggest that they join your satanic church and experience firsthand the overwhelming benefits of being a happy Satanist. Do this while smiling, with the most polite and joyful tone possible.


(This method is tried and tested)


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