Questioning God’s love

The woman who brought you to this world would never EVER allow you to go to Hell, no matter what you did or how much you defied or hurt her. She’d do anything in her power to save you from torment, especially eternal torment, which NO ONE who ever lived deserves.

Therefore, your mother loves you more than God. God did nothing for you. He apparently “died” on the cross, right? What a joke.

End of story. There is no argument against this. Humans are capable of much more love than the God described in Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

The end.


3 thoughts on “Questioning God’s love”

  1. Well put. The distortions involved here are clear. Also the Bible does not teach eternal torment. Poor interpretation mixed with cultural ideas have made it a standard part of Christianity. I have written extensively on why that is false. I for one believe that if there is a God, He is loving and just. Not an eternal tormenter of souls.


    1. Thank you for your comment. However, your hypothesis is not the official position of any major Christian denomination, or Islam. They use Satan as a scape goat, appointing him with the role of eternal tormented, while the ‘judging to Hell’ part is rationalized as a “choice” we make to actually go to Hell; totally illogical. If your notion of God is true, then the Abrahamic religions/denominations are all false.

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      1. I would say that Christian denominations that believe this have false errors within them. These can be disproven however from Scripture. And this is not the only error at play. Many exist. Does not mean that there is no truth among the lies. It’s simply beyond my capabilities to say what is truth and what is not due to lack of hard evidence. One failure of religion is a dogmatic approach to things we know little about.


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