The truth about inflation

They academics lied to me when I was studying for my Economics degree. Inflation is not about monopoly, greed or any other imaginary reason.

Inflation is due to the frequent increase of money supply,

What does that mean?

Central banks print money and give it to commercial banks in the form of loans. This counterfeiting of money directly steals value from all previously printed money.

Every time they print new money, they keep its ownership while the same products more or less are represented by more currency; therefore, inflation is the natural effect of this creation of new money.

Furthermore, commercial banks have the ability to create new currency out of nothing by simply entering a digital number (1 million euros, for example) in any bank account, since everyone accepts this fake electronic currency as real value. This is direct theft from the savings of people, since ‘money loses its value’, and that lost value is what goes into their own bank accounts, their own ownership.

Start using alternative currencies.


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