Being atheist doesn’t guarantee you higher intelligence

Atheists can be cretins too; simply observe the hypocrites who reject religion yet subscribe to a political party, nation, football team or rock band.

Similarly, being a religious person, even a fanatic, does not guarantee low intelligence. There are numerous examples of brilliant mind who are succumb to the power of self delusion, otherwise known as religion.

Psychiatric phenomena, even on a massive scale, are independent from creative, emotional, technical and mathematical intelligence.


How to get rid of annoying Jehovah’s witnesses etc.

I know, it’s annoying!

Religious indoctrinators everywhere are characterized by the misguided arrogance of the conviction that they know more about the cosmic truth than you do. Therefore, if you’re reading this post you’re probably familiar with the reasons religions are a degenerative psychotropic state, so I won’t elaborate more on that.

But how do you get rid of annoying indoctrinators, especially when you don’t want to be impolite?

Next time someone wants to ‘talk to you about Jesus’ or ask you about your beliefs while selling something, simply smile and let them know that you are immensely happy and content with your current denomination which involves happily worshiping the Devil while enjoying the benefits of blood sacrifice and carnal hedonism. Furthermore, suggest that they join your satanic church and experience firsthand the overwhelming benefits of being a happy Satanist. Do this while smiling, with the most polite and joyful tone possible.


(This method is tried and tested)

Prayer = control

If you force yourself to #PRAY to an imaginary being you cannot sense, you’ll probably develop a kind of schizophrenia.

Historically religions have been used to subdue subjects to the ruling classes and pay tribute or go to war for them. (See the warlord Mohamed, the emperor Constantine, etc). Prayer might even be the most important of the tools used by the ruling classes in order to numb the masses since it actually seems to actively cause schizophrenia.

Religion is the opium of the people.
– Karl Marx

Muslim is the new gay

Remember when homophobia was a thing? Now it’s “islamophobia”.

So much in common yet no common ground; a gay is islamophobe, and a Muslim is homophobe.

It seems that gay and Muslim are mutually exclusive, although the most extremist muslims are most likely closet homosexuals.

When mosques start marrying same-sex people threat will be the glorious day when islam and religions in general will die.

Muslim girls!

I was briefly friends with a Muslim girl once; mid twenties, cute, flirty, witty. I was under the impression she was mostly atheist and I was happy for her.

One day, however, she dropped the bomb that she believes and prays etc. When I asked her how she justified the fact that she never covered herself in the presence of men, she told me that it’s due to her rebellious and hard to control nature, and that as long as she knew it was wrong and that she felt guilty about it, she would be forgiven.

Talking about rationalization and double standards.

The greatest contradiction in Christianity

By any logical standard, the following is proof that Christianity is a false religion:

The Christian dogma teaches humility, and contradicts itself by also demanding arrogance, that of believing without a doubt that Jesus is not just a fairy tale. Faith based on zero evidence is arrogance or excessive confidence in one’s righteousness. Arrogance is not a humble characteristic.

Therefore, Christianity is a poorly thought-of man made dogma.